How to optimize your mobile strategy for Christmas time

  • Attention must be paid to your customers´smartphones during the coming holidays.Do you know how to optimize your mobile strategy for Christmas time?

  • Today´s market reality, even for small and medium companies, says that omnichannel is a fact. In addition, consumer is multidevice and he uses his mobile to buy more and more.

     Mobile commerce is present in our lives for many years, and it is irresponsible to ignore it. 
  • Why mobile is so important in eCommerce?

  • All have been said so far can be supported by statistical data that we think will surprise you.

    Only two years ago, we saw how websites traffic took place 50% on desktop and 50% on mobiles We thought is was a landmark, but… do you know how the situation is today? And how will it be the next years? 

    The statistics specialized portal  Statista shows a very shocking research saying that 67,2% of sales are done on mobile devices. It also considers a scenario where 72% will be surpassed easily in only 2 year time.
  • Conversion does not occur for no reason: mobile strategy affects direct and transversally to all actions we develop on online marketing. 
      • Accessibility: your store must be used by anyone and on any device.
      • Usability: it is a matter of, not just having a functional website; it also must be intuitive in use and browse.
      • True SEO-friendly: it has been time since loading speed is a SEO ranking factor because it is a very important part in a satisfying use experience. 
      • Persuasive: on mobile browsing we have less resources, like lack of storage; that is why we must generate trust and be more attractive with less.
      • Nativa: mobiles offer own possibilities that are not found in desktop devices, like geopositioning or camera integration. These are elements to take advantage of. 
  • How can I take advantage of my mobile strategy for Christmas?

  • Let´s see some tips so that you can take advantage of mobiles during holidays. They are little things but, all together can be decisive
  • #1 – Be careful with measuring

  • Take a look at your web analytics tool. Are visits from mobiles being recorded. It seems obvious but we assure you it is not. 

    When there is a difference between desktop and mobile traffic, many times it is a sign of technical issue that has to be fixed before December starts. On other occasions, it is much less serious and it is an implementation error.

    A very common example is that of pages using the famous AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which block Analytics code, so , they just do not measure.
  • #2 – Loading speed and photos

  • We have already said how important this point is. Photos are one of the aspects which makes easier to fill up one page.

    Normally, you may have been careful. However, when Christmas time arrives, a lot of new images are uploaded. They can be from banners to product photos. You  must be very scrupulous with formats, sizes and weights

    There is no rule about it, but as far as possible, try to avoid photos weigh over 100 KB. You can compress them without losing quality by using Photoshop or any free application like
  • Do not forget to renace them correctly and include alts and so on. These are not pure loading speed advice but, they affect positioning and accessibility. Here are 10 tips to optimize photos for eCommerce in case you want to go in depth in this matter.
  • #3 – Push notifications

  • One of the main advantages of mobiles opposed to desktop browsing is that, although both allow push notifications to sell more or get a bigger engagement, this kind of notifications become much more effective when using mobiles as it is a native function. 

    Choose carefully the moment and align the message with the linked page. This makes the experience be consistent. When people visit the landing page, it must, not just work perfectly on mobiles: but also keep the message it moved the user click. 
  • #4 – Maximize contact options

  • Keep in mind that the user uses a mobile and the navigation from it, though it is getting more and more smooth, it is not 100% ideal. We are a bit lazy and our attention capacity is limited, so we always prefer to have things made easy. 

    Make sure of having the mobile number always visible and clickable to favour this contact option, as it is preferred by so many users even nowadays. Do not forget to display quick accesses to comment and share on social networks: this, not only generates visibility, but also can help you sell. 
  • If you are using a live chat system, give it a try on your mobile to be sure it works and also it is convenient for the user. 

    Last, some specific advice for those owning a physical store: include the address allowing to get the directions to get there using a GPS.
  • Now you are ready to sell more to your customers through mobile. What are you doing to optimize your mobile strategy for Christmas season? What are your plans? Share them with us!

  • Images | Unsplash, Statista,

Laia Ordoñez

Laia Ordóñez is a copywriting & eCommerce content marketing expert. She is Content & Marketing Manager at DueHome, a copywriting & content independent advisor, and Oleoshop's blog's editor-in-chief.

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