How to improve your gift guides year after year

  • Tic, tac… Black Friday and Christmas are around the corner. Preparing and updating your gift guides year after year is a task highlighted in red, do you know how to do it?

  • When we are near the end of the year, online stores know it is the time to the the best. At this point you must have the checklist for Christmas season more than reviewed. 

    That is the reason why you know that one of the most interesting content for this season are found on those special articles of your blog. It is where you share gift ideas with your store must-have products for Santa and Three Wise Men. 

    What if we said the there is a quick way to create this content?  If you had already created gift guides,  you can turn that content into evergreen easily, adapting it together with the products to every year reality.
  • Why are gift guides important?

  • The main advantage they offer is that are very useful for users when they need some inspiration

    Sometimes it is difficult to pick a truly special present, and others the customer does not have time to waste searching. If we make it easy and avoid him searching on different webpages… it will be likely to achieve the conversion on our website.  

    Besides, this tape of guides are an amazing material to share on our social networks. If it was not enough, they are ideal for SEO optimization. This content allows us to attack less concrete long tail keywords but having quite searches (gifts for women, for 8 year-old boy, original gifts for men…)  
  • Why and how to update your gift guides

  • However, to have all this working properly, it is essential that guides are updated. If content is not fresh or it turns to be useless for users when they find it, then it is not worth to be shared. Also, it will not be relevant enough for the search machine. 
  • #1- Is content still alive and well?

  • From one year to the next all can change very much. Make sure that all products which are linked from the guide are available on the website and are on stock. It may be very frustrating of users if they are going to purchase and find a 404 error. Moreover, you may be doing your competitors´job by giving a clear shot for a client. 

    Depending on the product, a new version may have been launched this year.  Do not miss the opportunity if you have achieved this product to have certain success and relevance on previous versions: you can update the content of the guide and change the link to the new version, or being a bit more aggressive, by redirecting the link to the old product card to the new one if it is not on stock anymore.  

    Remember: you must serve both users and search machine
  • #2- Align business goals with the gift guides

  • You are the one you better knows what you wish  to sell, the products with a higher profit margin and those you are truly competitive with. 

    This tape of guides give you the chance to show those products on a very visible showcase that, in addition, has much recommendation which is a less aggressive strategy.   

    We could consider it as pull, as it is the customer who, through a information aimed content, access to the product piece proactively. It is not like, the classic pre-roll commercial on Youtube that you watch by force, where we push more.  
  • #3 – Check el sales history and use cross-selling

  • What was best sold last year during the same period of time? ¿Is it included in your gift guides? It should not be left out. 

    Get the Christmas reports from last year and make sure to have those Top products (or similar to the ones this year) in your gift guides for this new campaign Even, if you have enough reaction capacity, then you can add those that have worked truly well during  Black Friday.
  • It is also interesting to create a category related to them with additional products that may boost cross-selling and, hence use this cross-selling to sell more. 

    Related products work very well in guides as they are ideal to complete the present.  Think about using bundles and packs that increase the value.
  • EXAMPLE: If a certain mobile model was truly sold last year, make sure you have cases, wireless chargers, car supports, wireless headphones with microphone… and you can even sell a mobile + accessory pack to have a most complete present. 
  • #4 – Control trends

  • It is not a matter of just looking back to the past. Things change very much in 12 months and there are products that are going to rock this year but did not succeed during the last one.  p

    Your own experience may be of great help again, but if you want to support on something more scientific, or at least concerning external data,  you can always count on Google Trends.

    This tool we have already talked about on this blog works on what you are looking for: it uses users trend searches to project what is going to be searched in a near future. 
  • Contrast with Trends which products on your catalogue are going to be more demanded and promote them on your gift guides.  
  • What about you?, do you have your gift lists updated for this year? Do not wait any longer and start right now!

  • Images | Unsplash.

Miguel Nicolás

Miguel Nicolás O'Shea is a life-long copywriter (more than 15 years working in agencies) and a specialist in Search Marketing (SEO and PPC). From now on, he will contribute with his online marketing experience to Oleoshop, publishing regularly.

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