Ecommerce niches that grow during lockdown (1)

  • Being locked down at home does not mean not to buy anymore. Discover the eCommerce niches that grow during confinement.

  • As often happens, economic and social circumstances make some businesses suffer in the face of any sudden and radical change. What we are living with coronavirus is something that is unprecedented, that has changed the way of life of people and this naturally includes consumption habits

    We are going to analyze the situation to detect those eCommerce niches that have better data and growth prospects, even in these moments in which the consumer has more limited options for the simple fact of being confined
  • A transitory change?

  • It is clear that confinement will not last forever, and that sooner rather than later, we will return to
    live outside home

    Still, this is not going to be immediate or overnight. Retail will gradually open its doors depending on the sectors and the particular situation of each one of them. 

    In addition to this, consumers are not going to regain confidence instantly. After so many weeks confined to their homes, purchasing motivations have changed their value scale and purchasing drivers have also been redefined, not to mention needs, which are also different. 

    In short: during this period we have consumers "held captive by obligation" who, in a second phase, will continue to be so by choice and to whom we can retain for future.
  • Examples of eCommerce niches growing during lockdown

  • Let's see the most interesting opportunities. Some of them will surprise you more than others, but all have something in common that can be used as reference for your personal study, and that is that in all cases they reveal a change in lifestyle that can be seen in the products that are purchased. Always will be:
      • Essential products
      • Sanitary or hygiene 
      • Those that improve the physical condition.
      • Leisure and (a lot) free time 
      • Related to children, both educational and leisure 
    Let's see those business proposals that have grown. 
  • #1 - Specialized food

  • Obviously, many people have decided to avoid going to supermarkets and shopping for groceries online instead. According to Flat 101 research (which I recommend that you read), sales have risen up to 218% in their highest period

    Surely, a niche is not about fighting with food multinationals, but to find a specialization and needs that are not covered. Here I invite you to think of people searching for alternative foods (by choice or as required by health officials). 
  • FOR EXAMPLE: Two good niches are vegan food for home cooking or gluten-free products for celiacs and intolerant people, such as those sold in, which are not always found in supermarkets or have small range. 
  • #2 – Beauty and cosmetics

  • Not all products within this segment will grow the same, even some will fall significantly. We may stop buying makeup or perfumes that are used “to go out”, but there is another type of essential cosmetics that are not negatively affected by this situation. 

    In general, we talk about products that help us feel better about ourselves, such as firming and toning cosmetics, relaxation-oriented products - such as mineral bath salts - and others that have to do with unavailable services, such as hair salon (hair dyes are experiencing an impressive boom). 
  • FOR EXAMPLE: For a long time we have been talking about sustainable niches like that of solid shampoo. In times when minimizing waste we have at home is important, all zero waste is an added value. 

    Do not overlook anything that is DIY (made by the user), since there is more time and desire to experiment. Take a look at Aroma Kit products, for example. 
  • #3 – Barbershop and haircut for men

  • Taking into account the fact that hairdressers are closed and a male population that has been growing its beard out for years ... something must be done at home if we do not want to leave like the castaway of an island. 

    This was not a priority issue at first, but as the weeks have gone by there has been an increase in demand for products such as shavers or electric hair clippers
  • FOR EXAMPLE: Electric barbers has been a real sales explosion, so if you find a good supplier this is the time

    What’s the problem? It is a niche with little repeat purchase, so an approach like Beard Brand, which offers more related and consumable products, is better
  • #4 – Ecological hygiene and disinfection products

  • For those who run away from chemicals, the niche during confinement is clear: they need hygienic and effective disinfection products without using chemistry

    We live surrounded by an enduring smell of bleach, perfumes, preservatives, colorants, chemical surfactants ... and this is bad for the planet and bad for people (especially for those who suffer from diseases such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). 

    In general, anyone concerned about this issue but who does not want to overlook their health care, will be happy to buy these more natural products online. 
  • FOR EXAMPLE: We have already talked about the natural cosmetics of Cocunat, especially indicated for that customer profile. More oriented to household cleaning, we can find the products of some manufacturers such as Ecover, which are 100% natural. 
  • As you can see, niche business opportunities continue to emerge even during confinement ... and they are not few. In fact, we are already working on a second part for this post.
  • Which of these niches you find more interesting? Which one of them would you jump into without doubt?

  • Images | Unsplash and brands linked

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