Case of study: this is how eCommerce faces up to Coronavirus

  • The world today conditions everything. The case of the pandemic we are suffering deserves a case study of how the Coronavirus faces up to eCommerce.

  • We are going to try to raise our spirits before Coronavirus and find the best way to deal with it with our clients

    It is true that for those who sell online it is an opportunity because, in these circumstances, people greatly reduce their chances of buying in person

    But it is by no means less true that we have to be aware of our audience mood, giving a human approach to interaction and the logistical and operational determinant that we can find ourselves in such an exceptional situation.
  • How does Coronavirus affect eCommerce?

  • Unfortunately, no economic sector or society is free from suffering the consequences of a global crisis. 

    As we said, on the one hand we have more audience connected than on any other occasion and, in most cases, confined in their homes, so they cannot access the retail channel.  All commercial transactions have to be done digitally

    This will be done especially by promoting certain sectors, such as sanitary products (disinfectant masks and gels have doubled their price on Amazon, and that if they are in stock), food - both fresh and non-perishable products - and everything related to the leisure that can be enjoyed indoors. 

    On the contrary, other niches are going to suffer. As much as the digital channel favors conversion at the moment, customer will prioritize certain products for immediate consumption. If you sell bicycles, you had better have some exercise bicycles references - you need options that can break this block

    As we said, eCommerce, in addition to context of use problems such as those we discussed, faces up to other problems, such as: 

      • Stock problems: this has caught us off guard. You may not have enough stock or your suppliers may not be able to serve you as quickly. Remember that all this started in China, and decisively conditions the production of thousands of items. - 
      • Logistical saturation: all eCommerce being  hectic implies that carriers and courier services have their hands full . Also, we forget about alternative delivery methods, such as Click & Collect. This delays delivery times, worsen the shopping experience and makes the user, with time to spare, meditate more on their purchase. The “good” thing is that we are all in a similar situation, so even Amazon-type giants have that differential advantage such as same-day deliveries.  
      • Coronavirus means that you have to rethink some procedures to guarantee the health of your company's clients and workers. New protocols ranging from production to the way orders are delivered. 

    These are the cards we have and must play the game with in the highest possible solvency. 
  • Tips and examples to deal with Coronavirus in eCommerce

  • Having this situation clear, we are going to see how to solve some questions that we have to deal with these days. The basic premise is to focus on customer as the center of the strategy more than ever. 

    Let's see those examples and what we can adapt to our business. 
  • #1 – Good vibes like antidote

  • Everything that comes from the media, social networks and our own contacts is worrisome and fill us up… we need to break that dynamic! 

    Surely if you think of a brand that capitalizes on happiness and pink unicorns Mr. Wonderful immediately comes to mind. Well, they have not disappointed at all (at least on their Instagram profile). 

    They face up to Coronavirus crisis with positive messages, friendly divulgation and home product contests
  • They also demonstrate their corporate social responsibility, publishing in their Stories photographs of their workers teleworking
  • INSIGHT: Break the distance with customers, make them see that there are people behind the company and, above all, fill them with confidence that all will be fine
  • #2 – Do not stop providing safety

  • Trust is one of the basic purchasing drivers at all times, even more so right now that commerce and society in general suffer from a certain generalized and more than understandable psychosis

    It may seem like the fact of recommending good vibes and trust is not a bit incoherent, but it does not have to be. These days, when it is convenient to keep the content marketing machine at full blast and users hyperconnected, there will be time for diverse content with different messages. 

    For many reasons, one of our favorite stores is Laconicum. In this case, they have published an institutional message with a copy far from the more casual tone of its content. A neutral background and classic typography that reinforce a message of calm and responsibility
  • INSIGHT: the tone is key in communication and, surely, this moment justifies a bigger seriousness when talking about issues that concern users, such as social distance, teleworking or basic issues such as confirming that it is still open and working
  • #3 – Take action and inform

  • Hard times demand responsiveness. Keep in mind that clients will not forget it when all this ends, and what you do for them will return to you as acquisition and loyalty. 

    Prepare a set of effective measures facing up to the FUDS of the eCommerce client against the Coronavirus (fears, uncertainties and doubts). This must be present on the website itself, email marketing and, obviously, on your social networks, so do not skimp on any means you have at your disposal. 

    As an example, what KaveHome furniture store has done is interesting. Right now, if you enter their Instagram profile you will find a story which is more specific than Laconic  They let their clients what they are going to do these days. 
  • INSIGHT: If you know that logistics is going to be crucial because there is no other choice, remove shipping costs considering that express shipping is not an option. It is also important, as KaveHome has done, to extend the refund period or inform that delivery people will follow a security protocol.
  • There are 3 basic rules we could add that of being enjoyable, providing valuable content far from direct transactionality but with a focus on future customer loyalty. Games, contests, pastimes, podcasts ... anything you can think of. 

    Oh, and if you were still considering your jump to eCommerce, this is a good opportunity to create your online store with Oleoshop and digitally transform your business. 

    Important: Some customers are fille up with unethical stores who want to use this unprecedented media flip to clean their image. Do not make this mistake and do everything in a transparent and respectful way with a difficult situation for global community.  
  • How does your eCommerce face up to Coronavirus? What measures are you taking and how do you communicate them? Share your thoughts with us!

  • Images | Unsplash, Instagram.

Laia Ordoñez

Laia Ordóñez is a copywriting & eCommerce content marketing expert. She is Content & Marketing Manager at DueHome, a copywriting & content independent advisor, and Oleoshop's blog's editor-in-chief.

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