eCommerce case study: the story of Saigu Cosmetics(3)

  • We have reached the end of the Saigu Cosmetics story. Today, we take a closer look at their online store and other interesting marketing actions.

  • Today, we finish our review of the story of Saigu Cosmetics, a recently created makeup and natural cosmetics brand that is literally rocking on the internet. And we do so by taking a closer look at their online store, their offer and other marketing actions you might want to take note of.

    In case you need to catch up, on this post we explain the beginnings of Saigu and on this one we took a good look at their branding and social media strategy.
  • Saigu Cosmetics online store

  • In terms of design, Saigu Cosmetics online store respects the maxim "less is more" that identifies the brand in all its manifestations. It is a website with a clean and clear design, which does not claim prominence but acts as a silver platter to give all the prominence to the products. And in this sense, it is completely consistent with the branding.

    So is Saigu's catalog. The brand's product strategy focuses on offering few but extremely well-crafted products to deliver on the brand's promise to offer virtually 100% natural makeup and cosmetics. Saigu's success is based on building an impeccable reputation among its audience, so product quality is very important.
  • INSIGHT: The maxim "less is more" is the key that can help a brand the most when starting out. What is important at this time is to get out with the product as soon as possible, with a simple website that allows you to focus attention on the product and complete purchase easily. And it is also important not to get lost in a catalog that is too broad or not focused enough: few products but well designed is the winning strategy for newbies.
  • Marketing actions

  • This brand carries out several marketing actions that go to the point and attack the usual weaknesses of online cosmetics brands and, above all, makeup. 

    Anyone who has ever considered buying makeup online is aware of the risk involved in doing so because of the color issue. Apart from the fact that a shade of foundation tested in the hand may not look the same on the face - a risk that customers suffer even when buying makeup in retail - online shopping is compounded by the different color calibration of monitors and screens, which can give the online customer the image of a different shade to the actual tone.

    As Saigu wants to do very, very well and get as many people as possible to try its product, it has chosen to combine two things that make a big difference with respect to other brands: first, a test to determine the ideal shade of foundation; and second, a return policy that leaves you open-mouthed.

    As for the test: we have tried and it works. The brand asks the client a few questions in order to determine the tone and undertone of the person and suggests the foundation color it considers ideal for your skin type. 

    But if you do not trust the automatic test, Saigu offers you a Whatsapp service through which you can send a photo of yourself without makeup and in natural light, and Saigu will tell you which shade matches your skin color.
  • As for the return policy: as there can always be a small margin of error, Saigu does not stay in the test and the photo but also offers you the possibility to try the product and return it within 15 days for free if you are not convinced. What do you think? It seems a suicidal policy for a makeup brand, but what it achieves is that people are not afraid to try the product, which is what Saigu really wants.
  • INSIGHT:  And why is that? Because, at its core, Saigu's entire marketing is based on the impeccable quality of the product. Its creators know that the product is so spectacular in terms of texture, shine, naturalness and coverage that they are certain that, once tested, the product will sell itself. That is why they try to make it as easy as possible to test the product: because they know that, once the customer puts it on, she will have no doubts and will most likely repeat.
  • In addition to this intelligent use of customer service as a pillar of its marketing plan, Saigu carries out other more typical but no less effective actions. For example, the typical first-purchase discount, again encouraging the customer to try the product for the first time, is a must. 

    It is also a good idea to create bundle products, packs of several products at a slightly lower price that meet a specific need ("Good Face Effect Pack", "All for Glow Pack", "Sun-Kissed Skin Pack", etc.). 
  • And finally, the use of the image of some of its influencers as brand image, as is the case of the model and tiktoker Carla Gavilán or the makeup artist María Català, with whom, as we mentioned in the previous post, the brand has collaborated hand in hand launching what is possibly the most popular and best quality highlighter on the network. This increases the notoriety of the brand in networks and generates even more aspirational if possible.
  • Saigu Cosmetics content

  • Having seen the pillars of the online store, it seems essential to highlight Saigu's blog and in general the "other" content present on the website beyond the products.

    First of all, the blog has a very intimate and respectful approach with the reader. It is very transparent content with the whole process of product design and manufacturing; they do not  just talk about makeup tutorials or the latest trend. 

    For Saigu, it is important for the customer to be aware of the efforts the brand makes to deliver what they promise or aspire to. The content treats the customer as someone who is informed, cultured and knowledgeable about current affairs, as an adult and a consumer who is aware of what they are buying and why. And this also marks a milestone in natural cosmetics and makeup brands, which so far -we believe- have not yet been able to find a way to treat their audience in a way that differentiates them from traditional cosmetics and makeup brands.

    On the blog there is content focused on the products and their application, but also content focused on the development of the company and, what is more, content explaining the rationale behind some of the formulation decisions and dilemmas the brand has had to face in recent times. 

    The latter is fully aligned with the brand's commitment to transparency and honesty, and its strategy of building its success on a solid and unblemished reputation.

    In addition, they also offer a podcast called "Sustainable Revolution", a statement of intent.
  • Finally, we would also like to highlight the importance they give to their mission, to the point of giving it an entire category page on the website. The brand's commitment goes far beyond offering a top product: its commitment extends to the entire production process, from the use of local ingredients and local manufacturers, to the use of natural ingredients, including sustainable and recyclable packaging. Saigu's commitment, as they say, is to the future and to the planet, betting on a truly different way of doing things.
  • Keys to the success of Saigu Cosmetics

    • Quality product that delivers what it promises and is very faithful to the brand's values, with almost 100% natural ingredients and integrating the entire production process, from manufacturing to packaging, in its commitment to sustainability. There are many "natural" brands that are too overpromise; Saigu is not one of them.
    • Very controlled catalog, with few products but of very good quality and very aligned with the brand values.
    • Online marketing that is very focused on networks, appealing to different targets depending on the social network (Instagram/TikTok) and betting very strongly on Generation Z with the contents of TikTok, where they collaborate with influencers who themselves make the contents shared by the brand.
    • Collaborations with specialized influencers, such as the creation and launch of exclusive products like the highlighter created with makeup artist María Català.
    • Fearless experimentation with new sales formats, such as live streamings with product sales or presales through social networks.
    • Coherence left right and center: the brand values are present in absolutely everything they do, from the formulation and manufacture of the product to the contents of the blog.
  • This is the story of Saigu Cosmetics. Did you know the brand? What do you think of its strategy? Will you give it a try having read these three posts? We look forward to hearing your opinion.

  • Images | Saigu Cosmetics.

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