Are Chatbots the Perfect Start to Your Enterprise AI Initiative?

  • The era of advanced technologies has motivated numerous enterprises to start incorporating artificial intelligence into modern business practice.

    According to Tractica, this seemingly futuristic technology has already found its purpose in various companies. It’s said to radically improve a diversity of business aspects, including customer experience and cost-effectiveness in general. Retail, advertising, and automotive industry are only some of the industries that rely on this advanced technology and its advantages.

    But, what if you’re not sure if AI is what your business needs at this particular moment?

    If you’re skeptical but curious, you’ll probably want to consider taking baby steps in this direction. In this case, chatbots may be exactly what your business needs. Even though they’re still more about the data rather than the algorithm, chatbots have become an incredibly popular way of stepping towards AI.

    Stay with us and find out some of the most powerful reasons for you to start your AI journey implementing chatbots.

  • Reason #1: Chatbots Save Your Time and Money

    No matter if you choose ready-made software developed by leading IT companies or create your own solution, chatbots are going to save your money. While hiring stuff means performing individual activities at a reasonable pace, implementing chatbots means multitasking at an amazingly fast pace.

    In other words, representing a powerful automated tool, chatbots will:

    • Efficiently take care of numerous customers at a time,
    • Make your business available to your customers 24/7,
    • Significantly reduce the number of errors made by human factor,
    • Reduce live support chat costs by simultaneously performing tasks (whose execution would otherwise require an entire department of operators).

    Reason #2: Chatbots Improve the Customer Experience

    Chatbots may radically change your customer experience if you implement them wisely. If you’re wondering what are the most important perks of chatbots, check out the following facts.

    First of all, they can assist your customers as they navigate through your website.

    No matter what information your existing or potential customers may need, chatbots can offer constructive interaction as if they were real live chat support operators. Not only can they communicate textually and provide relevant multimedia content, but they can also help out with voice messages and key questions to analyze customer’s requests.  

    Secondly, chatbots eliminate time barrier.

    Numerous studies, including the research by Gartner, have shown that time-efficient customer service means the most to businesses nowadays. However, there are also many companies that still have their work hours strictly defined and no money to pay agents that will monitor live chat support 24/7.

    By using chatbots, you’ll be reaching out to your customers whenever they need you. And it’s obvious that it can only have a positive impact on your customers’ experience.

    Thirdly, chatbots are the most efficient bridge between customers and human agents.

    The use of chatbots also implies that human agents won’t have to deal with generic and repetitive questions whose answers can be easily automated. Moreover, you can also introduce chatbots that are specialized for different types of answers and services to make them even more efficient. The more specialized chatbots are, deeper will be their knowledge on topics that customers want to discuss.

    Accordingly, real live chat operators will have more time to deal with more complicated questions. On the other hand, in case of need for a real agent, chatbots can effortlessly direct customers’ demanding requests towards them.

    Reason #3: Chatbots Can Increase Sales

    According to Forbes, the millennials tend to choose instant messaging applications over phone calls. And they also have a pretty dominant share when it comes to the structure of people buying online.

    Obviously, this leads us to the market in which you have to offer your customers the type of support they’ll actually enjoy. That will only happen if you choose to stay competitive. So, if you want to get in touch with your target audience and keep them loyal, instead of boring phone calls and long emails, you should rely on chatbots.

    Not only they lead efficient and precise communication but they also remember all the data customers provide. That way, next time a customer has an issue, chatbots will know their background and will be able to help them more efficiently.

    In conclusion, once you make customers come back to you by providing superior support, you will also be able to use your chatbots to subtly offer your products. Therefore, you’ll increase your sales by getting the most of your online sales channel.

    Reason #4: Chatbots are easily integrated

    According to Business Insider, messaging apps are becoming even more popular than social media. Moreover, Global Web Index statistics have shown that 75% of internet users show the tendency of using not only one but a couple of messaging platforms and staying loyal to them. Some of the most popular platforms are Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc.

    Having in mind that chatbots can be easily integrated to any of these platforms, this convenient feature can save your time, money, and energy in several ways:

    • You don’t have to build your own messaging platform to offer live chat support
    • You don’t take the risks of not attracting potential (or existing) customers to use your app
    • You are sharing your content and offering support in a familiar online environment that they are used to (and therefore increasing your chances of successful communication and meaningful engagement)

    Why Should You Start Your AI Journey Using Chatbots?

    So, you’re still not ready to experiment with AI technology but you’re interested in exploring the advantages that modern technology can bring to your business… The use of chatbots can be a great start of this adventure, especially if your priorities are enhanced customer experience and engagement.

    As explained above, a well-thought chatbots system can only have a positive impact on your enterprise:

    • It is a great way of establishing efficient, real-time communication, while at the same time reducing your live support software costs.
    • It can make your support system more reliable and more efficient while letting human agents deal with complex requests only.
    • It can level up your sales channel effectiveness and provide you with relevant customer data.

    In conclusion, the implementation of chatbots is a great way of facilitating your live chat agent tasks. It is also a wise decision in terms of gathering valuable insights that can help you improve your business strategy and take your business results to a higher level.

Robin Singh

Robin is a Technical Support Executive. He is an expert in knowledge management and various Knowledge base tools. Currently, he is a resident knowledge management expert at ProProfs. In his free time, Robin enjoys reading and traveling.

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