Your customers can now pay with Bizum on Oleoshop

  • You asked for it and here it is: the stores created with Oleoshop already allow to pay with Bizum. We know that it is increasingly getting popular and we always listen to you.

  • If we recently told you that Oleoshop had added Apl├ízame in our payment methods so that your customers could split the payments of their purchases, now it is Bizum's turn. As you know, it is a mobile payment service that has been making its way and gaining popularity among users very quickly. 

    Online stores cannot be oblivious to trends because, by doing so, they are losing business opportunities and making it very easy for their competitors
  • What is Bizum?

  • We assume that everyone knows Bizum.But, for those who it does not ring a bell yet, we have to say that it is a payment platform that allows payments between individuals from account to account through a mobile phone

    The mechanics are as simple as sending a message to a contact, so you forget to ask for bank account numbers that, in reality, nobody knows by heart and have to make transfers.Everything happens practically in real time, so we can say that it is one of the most agile payment formulas that can be currently found.
  • This, precisely, is one of the main reasons why it has succeeded: simplicity. But, we must also not forget that integrating into multiple banking entities (Caixabank, BBVA, Bankia ... and thus up to 27 entities) has decisively helped. Practically, we are talking about a new standard shared by many users. 
  • Bizum in eCommerce

  • The case of Bizum is something similar to what we have seen with WhatsApp, which, after all, is still a chat for personal conversations, but due to the use that business made of it, it has ended up launching a professional version to cover them.

    On paper, it could seem that Bizum is not a means of payment intended for electronic commerce. But nothing could be further from the truth. 

    As it happens so many times, products and services people use naturally in their day-to-day life end up adapting to the reality of businesses, and they do not want to miss out on the opportunity they are offered today. 

    The truth is that it has some very interesting advantages so as not to value it: 
      • It is not necessary to have the bank card on hand. The entire payment process is done on the mobile phone. This means that transactions are faster and this is usually seen in an increase of conversion. 
      • It is really secure, and this is something that has been demonstrated over time. 
      • It is a natively mobile payment method, which enhances the operations carried out from this type of device and, especially, in mobility. Everything happens 100% on the user's phone. 
      • It allows to pay online and offline, so if you have a physical store, you can also integrate it into it. It works through NFC with your POS in the same way as contactless cards and other mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay. 
  • Bizum is already available in Oleoshop

  • For some time now, our clients have asked for it. We know you would like to integrate this payment method in your store. Today, we can announce that this option is already available

    You simply have to request your bank to activate it and, from that moment, you will start receiving payments by using Bizum

    It is very easy. Imagine that you use Redsys for example. Okay, then contact them so they can arrange all.

    When they have done so, customers who want to use Bizum to pay for their online purchases will see that, instead of being asked to enter the card details (cardholder, number, expiration, CVV ...), they will only ask them to enter the associated phone number to their bank account and a password to validate the operation. 
  • Management is simple and payment takes no more than a few seconds, which greatly streamlines the process and eliminates some conversion obstacles as basic as not having the credit card at hand. 

    We always recommend offering several options of payment method. This is the best way to adapt to the needs and preferences of the majority of our clients. 

    Simply, the fact of considering payment via Bizum in an online store already projects a feeling of being up-to-date that can help to generate greater trust
  • What payment methods do you use in your eCommerce?Did your customers ask for Bizum on your Oleoshop site? Let us know if you decide to use it and what the results have been.

  • Images | Unsplash.

Laia Ordoñez

Laia Ordóñez is a copywriting & eCommerce content marketing expert. She is Content & Marketing Manager at DueHome, a copywriting & content independent advisor, and Oleoshop's blog's editor-in-chief.

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