Top Kids Craft Accounts on Instagram (1)

  • Do you want to sell to one of the most rising segments these days? Here we bring you the main children's craft accounts on Instagram. Pay attention to the business behind all this!

  • We have already commented extensively that confinement has served to find new niches because there are always opportunities. In this case, we are going to take a look at one of the top contents that has emerged especially during the quarantine: DIY but focused on crafts for children

    It is true that is not always easy to combine efficient conciliation and telework. If we add the fact of having our children at home saying they are bored every three or five minutes or do not know what to do ... things get even more complicated. 

    Therefore, we are going to stop at those Instagram accounts that can save our workday, offer us ideas and inspiration and also make us have a good time with the kids. 
  • Where is the business in crafts?

  • It does not matter whether you have children or not, there is something that you must always be clear about in eCommerce or in retail: parents spend much more on average on children than on any other item in the family budget.  

    All the niches that support the use of a sort for children are, on many occasions, even more attractive

    In the case of these Instagram accounts, what is behind is still a type of influencers and micro-influencers with a great capacity for prescription in parents and the crushing reinforcement of children who want to make the EVA rubber dragon or finger paint an avocado. 

    The sale of the material is, in itself, a way to monetize that content ... but it is not the only (or even the best) way

    If you build a good enough reputation and really add value to what you do for kids, your store can put workshops, online courses, virtual camps, and infoproducts up for sale with instructions for creating those little works of art with your kids. 

    This last option is really interesting as a business model. The production cost is minimal (a video and downloadable patterns, for example), you will never run out of stock, you do not pay suppliers or have to worry about logistics, there are hardly any returns, it has a lot of margin even at low cost ... does this seem like child's game to you anymore? 
  • Main kids craft Instagram accounts

  • We are going to take a look at those who are doing best, not just recently, but they have a career that we can analyze to see how these proposals really work when they have a path and future and ideas
  • #1 – Little Van Gogh Club

  • Of course, they are one of the references on Instagram in everything related to DIY for children. You may be surprised that they do not have an excessive volume of followers, but part of their strategy is to create accounts for countries where they have physical stores and workshops in a segmented way

    Behind Little Van Gogh Club is a well-planned business, with shared spaces for parent-child art and school activities. But that does not prevent us from learning how to make homemade modeling clay, “magic” potions with baking soda and vinegar, or to draw impossible monsters among the entire family.

    Especially interesting is the use they make of Instagram TV to expand those mini-tutorials that fall short (and branding). 
  • #2 – The Super Powers of Art

  • The name of the account already says it all: the Super Powers of Art because art empowers, as much as this expression is somewhat hackneyed. 

    Again, we see a business model focused on workshops (face-to-face and online), although they have also published their own art books so that the little ones can learn to enjoy it. 

    As for the content that we can find on his Instagram profile, we would say that it is even more artistic than that of the Little Van Gogh Club, because they seek to raise the level by alternating activities that children can do with works created by artists thinking of their delight. .  

    It is highly recommended to take a walk around this art gallery made by and for the little ones of the house without having to go outside. 
  • #3 – La Plastiquería

  • This is the profile that has the fewest followers compared with the other two we have talked so far. Do not let that confuse you because its content is of an enormous quality and it is seen as soon as you enter. 

    La Plastiquería is, in addition to an Instagram profile with many good DIY ideas for children, an artistic workshop, which children enjoy getting their hands dirty with while awakening in them a calling towards the plastic arts (or they have been a good time fun at least).
  • Do you like what you see? Well it is just the beginning, because we are preparing a second part in this series that will keep you enjoying. Stay tuned to our blog!

  • Images | Unsplash, Instagram.

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