Titan and Bedrock: Amazon joins the AI party

  • Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Titan are announced, or, in other words, a new rival to Google and Open AI in the AI fight.

  • As if view of AI was not already convulsive enough, now a new contender is in town... and it is not just any contender.  Amazon launches its alternative to ChatGPT 4 and Bard.
  • Fierce competition in the AI field

  • We are seeing on a daily basis how exciting the view of Artificial Intelligence is and, above all, at the dizzying speed at which it is advancing.
    The first of the tech suspects to hit hard was Microsoft. It snapped up Open AI to incorporate ChatGPT into its Bing search engine. This caught Google on the wrong foot, so much so that it has had to move into high gear to launch a counterattack. This came (or is coming, to be more precise) under the name of Bard.
    So Microsoft and Google are in the thick of the fight, but where is Amazon? Is it really going to give up its share of the pie in the trend of the moment?
  • If anyone thought so, it is that they do not know those responsible for the western marketplace par excellence. It may seem that they are late, but what they were preparing is sufficiently different and so technically powerful that it will give a lot to talk about from now on.
  • Titan and Bedrock: two complementary bets for Amazon's AI

  • They could have announced a launch, but they did not do that: Amazon is releasing two different AI tools at the same time, with their own characteristics and, in my opinion, very well thought out.
    This initiative has fallen to AWS or, what is the same, Amazon Web Services. In case anyone is not familiar with it, it is the cloud that Amazon rents to third parties to host their websites, apps and online services. Surely you have heard of it because it is extremely popular.
    The head of AWS made public two new FMs (Fundamental AI Models) that will use the huge Amazon Web Services database to feed themselves.
  • Amazon Titan

  • This is an AI model aimed at the company's corporate clients. As in all these models, it is based on the principle of training machines by making them "learn" from experience, the well-known Machine Learning.
    Titan is basically a compilation of various models pre-trained with big data from AWS (a feature it shares with Bedrock, as we will see later). We are talking about the FMs of:
    •  AWS itself, whereby, if we want to, we will use our own data to train the models.
    • AI21labs
    • Stability.ai
    • Anthropic
    Although we did not know it until now, they have already been testing within their main marketplace.
  • Amazon Bedrock

  • As we said, it is a self-generating AI that uses various third-party models, but it does so using an API and offers us the results in a unified way.
    The logic is that, being a market in broad growth and with multiple tools, having a solution that integrates everything is much more interesting for the end user.
    Amazon Bedrock, specifically, is what we could consider the closest thing to ChatGPT, although more versatile, since it uses Claude (Anthropic's chat), but also has the ability to generate images with the Stable Diffusion model.
    The combination makes its capacity spectacular and the training is done by each of the models, which, together with Machine Learning, allows its learning to be translated into conversations, images, videos, sounds... without having to start from scratch, while combining it with our business data hosted on AWS.
  • Are Amazon Bedrock y Amazon Titan safe?

  • Surely you have already heard about the controversy regarding the security of the data used by these systems. In fact, we recently told you that the AEPD was investigating ChatGPT's use of them.
    Well, according to AWS, you will not have to worry about that. The information used to train your model will always be encrypted and, in addition, this data is not injected into the main database. So you will have the peace of mind of knowing that there is no sensitive or confidential information floating around the network.
  • As you can see, with the promise of security and the democratization of the use of AI, we have a new player in the market. And not just any player, but one of the most powerful and technologically advanced. Expectations are being exceeded, practically on a daily basis, which tells us that this has only just begun.
  • What do you think of Amazon Titan and Amazon Bedrock as an alternative to ChatGPT and Bard? Do you think they will provide enough differential value to gain some prominence? Would you use these new tools?

  • Images| Unsplash. 

Jordi Ordóñez

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