Guide to know how to delegate: how to have a business that runs by itself (1)

  • We can say that the dream of any entrepreneur is a business that runs by itself. If you want that but do not die from stress, you need our guide to know how to delegate.

  • We have prepared a series of tips that you can apply to your own company. We know that sometimes leaving responsibility to others is often a bit of a pain. Especially in the beginning, when you do not completely trust things will be done the way you would

    It is a somewhat delicate process, but it is not only beneficial for the health of the company and your own: it is necessary if you want to grow without breaking your back. No one is able to keep a whole business on their shoulders indefinitely.  

    We are going to help you change the way you see and do things and convince yourself that, to be successful, you must know how to delegate. 
  • How are you?

  • No, it is not a formalism. What I want you to do is to stop for a second and ask yourself that question

    Are you okay? 

    If you feel you are stressed, unsatisfied in some key aspects in your business, you find it difficult to rest, or you have even left out self-care ... then you are not well nor should you normalize it

    No matter how hard you try and how many hours you devote to business, you always have tasks to do. Although you try to be as productive as possible, in the end you turn off the computer very tired very early in the morning and unable to reconcile personal and professional life. 
  • Can´t you see that? Need some help? There is nothing wrong with it, it is absolutely normal. You have to delegate part of those tasks that are leaving you breathless.

  • Why delegating is not a mistake

  • If you do not delegate, you are not only paying with your health: you are limiting your possibilities. Si no delegas, no solo lo estás pagando con tu salud: estás limitando tus posibilidades.

    No matter how much you lengthen your days, and even assuming that your body endures, time is a limited resource. The limit of your company is in that of the resources you can put on it

    If your competitors have a complete team, they play with the advantage of having more hands and heads. They can carry out more tasks in parallel and, as if this were not enough, the project benefits from different skills and knowledge

    Another important aspect to keep in mind is that, if the company grows, you will need to delegate on a mandatory basis

    Strategically, it is much better to delegate when you have some time to be able to give the necessary training.   If you are running out of time, Si te pilla el toro, it is going to be very difficult even supervise that person or group. It is here where errors may arise, where all fail. 

    Do yo really wat to make your competitors´ lives easier
  • How to delegate if you are an entrepreneur

  • As we say, if we want everything to go smoothly, some planning is essential. Take some time before taking the plunge and analyze the strategy well. 
  • #1 – Identify the goals to delegate

  • What do you need and what should this bring to you? Basically there are 3 big goals
      • Get more time: what an entrepreneur always needs. 
      • Minimize weaknesses: you know perfectly well that you are not the best in everything; think about what you lack and find someone to balance it. 
      • Enhance opportunities: on the other side are those tasks that someone can help you raise the level by working as a team. 

    Try to value this as if they were basic KPIs for the health of your business. Quantify what it will mean with figures and objectives to overcome. Only then can you assess whether the strategy is giving results. 
  • #2 – Audit tasks

  • Delegate, of course. But everything cannot be given to another person immediately. You must examine at great length what you do and which of those tasks you can hand over control. 

    List everything you work on in your day to day throughout the month. Create a spreadsheet with that list, and give a value from 1 to the 5 depending on how critical each task is for the operation from the business. 

    Those really critical are not due to delegate - at least immediately. 
  • #3 – Choose what to delegate

  • Among other functions, it is important that you value those that can really give you a quality jump, or that are repetitive, mechanical and time - consuming. These two types are the first that you should entrust to others. 
  • Also value the time it will take you to train that person.

    Do you really have what it takes to calmly teach them and redo taks if necessary? What happens if they are not done in time? Is it decisive that they have a perfect quality or do they have margin?  

    When delivery deadlines are tightened or the volume of business is excessive, you need to take work away from you and not increase your load.  

    We have much more to say about learning how to delegate so that business works with less work and more supervision on your part. So, this is just a first issue, in a few days we will give you more advice.  
  • Do you want to know more about learning how to delegate? Then, stay tuned for the next issue in this series! What about you?, do you delegate or is it hard to you? What tasks do you prefer to delegate and which are you reluctant to let others do? Share your thoughts with us!

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