Youtube for business: would you like to have a channel? (2)

  • Should I have a Youtube channel for business? How do I start with it? We will help you to solve all the questions you may have.

  • In a previous part of this series of posts we already talked about the issue that serves as the title of this article. On it, we asked ourselves, from a strategic point of view, if we to have a Youtube Channel for business with its advantages and disadvantages. If you have not read it yet, you might be interested before continuing with this one.  

    For those who have already reviewed it or simply have very clear that they are going to add this channel to their Social Media Marketing strategy for eCommerce, we are going to see from scratch all that is necessary to have a great profile and an account that works wonderfully.
  • How to create a Youtube business account

  • As you know, to have a Youtube channel you must have a Gmail account. Google's email is associated to this other service, so if you create your company's channel from a personal profile you are going to have many management problems (such as sharing your data and password with anyone who is going to help you with marketing or content). 

    However, a business account allows you to add users exclusively to the channel so that they do not have access to personal information. 

    The first thing you have to do is access Youtube Switcher and, once there, click on the "+" button to add a new channel.

    In this window, you will have to add the name of your store, which, logically, will also be the name of the channel. You can use any name, in fact, but obviously it is usually like this. 
  • Wait a few seconds while Youtube does its magic and that is: you have your new corporate space in the world's largest video network. It will look something like this:
  • Obviously it is in the rough, so there is still a lot of work to be done so that we can take advantage of it in a professional way in our store. 
  • Customizing the channel

  • As you see, there are some elements that can be customized. Do not underestimate or underuse them because, basically, all YouTube accounts are almost identical. Use the resources you have in your hands to be unique and make a difference
  • The logo

  • Youtube allows to upload a profile picture like any other social network. In this case, it is especially important, since it is a large part of the channel's branding.

    Logically, the usual is to use the company logo, which must have good visibility and legibility even in small formats. This is important because it is the thumbnail that will accompany our videos in searches, under our contents in the pages and in the comments.

    As for the format as such, it is recommended that you use any of the usual ones such as JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF (as long as the latter are not animated).  

    Once you have created it, you only have to click on the camera icon that is shown when you hover over the initial of the store and choose the image on your computer to upload it. 
  • Making the channel corporate

  • By this complicated word we mean the process of converting that space given to us by Youtube into an extension of our eCommerce.

    We do not have an infinite amount of options, precisely; but we have to play our cards right again.

    One of the elements that stand out the most is the header photo. You have to look for a resource that summarizes your business very well, that is inspiring, that projects lifestyle in the way of Instagram or, in short, that is a way to connect with your customers.

    In this case, I would not recommend the classic eCommerce product image with a neutral background. Try to tell something about yourself because Youtube for business is also about telling stories and selling indirectly.

    On the more technical side of things, just remember that it should look great on all devices, and mobile first should be almost a mantra for you.

    If we talk about sizes and weights, the photo should be 2560x1440 and not exceed 4 MB weight (remember that you can always compress and optimize your images to the maximum).

    It is not so difficult, just click on the blue button at the top right labeled "Customize channel" and then click on the "Add header" button to place the banner.
  • “More information label“

  • This is where everything that needs to be known about your company is found. You must take care each element as much as possible because, as we have already said several times, we cannot waste just one of them. 
  • First, we have the description of the channel. Remember SEO when you write the summary of who you are and what you sell. Keyword research will be very useful when you choose the terms you want your business' Youtube channel to be found through the right words.

    Concerning other details, do not forget to add a corporate email address that you check regularly, as this will allow a customer to enter. 

    It is also very important that you put all the corresponding links. The first one, without a doubt, is your store. This potentially generates referred traffic and, for SEO purposes, it never hurts.
  • In addition, you should add all the links to other social profiles. This expands the possibilities of engagement, so do not waste it.

    With this we would have our YouTube channel for business perfectly optimized.  Now we "only" have to work on the content  we will talk about in the next post that closes the series. 
  • What do you think about having your own Youtube profile for business? It is not that, isn´t it?

  • Images| Unsplash, YouTube.

Miguel Nicolás

Miguel Nicolás O'Shea is a life-long copywriter (more than 15 years working in agencies) and a specialist in Search Marketing (SEO and PPC). From now on, he will contribute with his online marketing experience to Oleoshop, publishing regularly.

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