Why activate Facebook Ads to sell more?

  • Facebook currently has $ 1 billion monthly active users. With Facebook Ads, you have the opportunity to present your brand or products on a scenario where, without any doubt ,a few thousand users will like you. Already there are many companies that have tried and it worked. No matter if you have one jewelry, clothing,shoes, book store, or you simply offer professional services,Facebook Ads can help you be visible and increase your business sales. 

    In addition, one of the advantages of Facebook Ads is not being too expensive (such as Google Adwords) or difficult to activate. Today, we will go over the basics of this advertising service on Facebook and give you good reasons to activate your first campaign. 

    Who can create Facebook Ads?

    Any user who has a Facebook account. However, it is recommended to activate ads with a page but not a profile because the tool will offer you more choices of kinds of ads and segmentation. 

    Advantages of creating Facebook Ads

    Most marketing professionals are delighted with Facebook due to its many possibilities in the segmentation of audiences, behaviors,location, language, tastes, etc. Facebook has a strict privacy policy but ,at the same time, it makes things easier if you pay(allowing you to choose the amount you want to invest on thebasis of the fulfilment of the objectives you set with each campaign). In other words, you can pay to display your ad to your chosen audience or by the cost per click (CPC) or cost per number of prints of the ad (CPM). 

    To get an idea of what is usually spent, companies that had an online store in 2014 paid an average of €0.44 of CPC on Facebook. It is good to start with a test of €1 per day to measure the engagement earned in ads on your page. 

    As we have mentioned, many of the companies that have an ecommerce are being successful using Facebook Ads, multiplying the visibility of their brands and products by 3 or 5 times (in the organic engagement) and increasing their web traffic by 30%. 

    In addition, another advantage of Facebook Ads is that your ads may be shown in different ways and devices: mobile or desktop,and be seen on Facebook News feed, or in the sidebar of the platform. 
  • Mobile Ads, which show ads on mobile devices news feed,increasingly tend to have a higher conversion rate than on computers. A clear explanation is the trend towards mobile marketing; users are more connected through their mobile devices and tablets than on computers. For example, during summer holidays we do not take the computer with us but we always take our mobile phone. 

    To activate Facebook ads on mobile devices, make sure that your website or online shop is responsive. Don't worry, in Oleoshop you're safe. 
  • Types of Facebook Ads

    There are different types of Facebook Ads, but let's have a look at the most recommended for your online store, suitable for mobile devices or computers. 

    Promoted posts

    These require a Facebook page. It is a post with a photo or link which is displayed as a new update on the page. For example, if you have an active promotion on social networks, make a cool post with a good photo or design and promote it paying 30 euros(begin testing), you will see as it reachs more people than usual. 

    Multiproduct carrousel

    This type of ads allows you to show different products on a single advertisement. It is recommended to activate them when you want to show various products of a new catalogue or several collections of one brand. 

    Video page post

    Surely this kind of post have been shown on your Facebook News feed more than once. If you have a good video (better if it is short and creative) presentation of your brand new online collection or similar. These ads work very well because users prefer a video or picture that reading  a long post. 
  • With all these types of ads you can aim different marketing objectives: 

    • Get more visitors to your website or online shop. 
    • Get conversions (purchases of users). 
    • Increase the engagement of the posts on your Facebook page so they can obtain more likes, comments and shares. 
    • Increase the number of fans of your page. 
    • Give more visibility to your ecommerce products offers and promotions. 
    • Display the ad to users who walk by your local or shop. 
    • Promotion of events on Facebook. 
    • Increase the number of views of a video. 
    • Promote specific products to users who have already been interested in (have previously visited your online store). 
    • Get more downloads of the application you have created. 
    • Increase the number of your newsletter subscribers. 
  • Aim a goal

    Why do you want to create ads on Facebook? What do you want to achieve with your Facebook Ads campaigns? First of all, set some of the objectives listed above (or more than one) and then check what is the best way or, in this case, the best type of ad to manage it. 

    Obviously, the main goal of those who have an online store is to get more sales through more visits to its ecommerce, but nobody can guarantee an immediate success; Perhaps your online store is not powerful enough or you may just need a little patience. 

    Know your target audience

    One of the keys to make your Facebook campaigns work is knowing your audience:location, language, interests, tastes and online behavior, age, etc. Facebook gives you many options of audience segmentation and you should take advantage of them. 

    Be carefuk, if you have a very particular product. Start testing whether segmenting the ads to the maximum they reach enough audience or, on the contrary, you must expand the segmentation so that it reaches more people. In the end, what counts is the quality of your users, not the quantity. 

    To find out more information about how to segment the audience, take a look at Facebook official documentation. 

    Create your first Facebook ad

    There are different ways of creating your ad: from your Facebook page, using the ads manager, or through Power Editor. 

    From the page is simple: you have to click on the button “Promote post”, on the posts you have already published, so this can get more engagement (get more likes, comments, shares,visualizations of a video, etc.). 
  • From the ads manager (located on the left side of the feed on your Facebook page) you only need to click "Create ad", select a target and follow the steps for segmenting your audience and create the ads. 

    From Power editor  is a little more complicated if you are not used to it. However, it is easy to learn how it works and has more options to activate, track and control your campaigns,especially when you do tests for your campaigns. 

    After creating your first ad you will have to wait for Facebook validation and approval, checking that it meets the rules and advertising policy. Some of them are that the images you put on your ads cannot contain more than 20% of text. You will receive a notification as soon as it is approved. 

    Facebook Ads reports

    We often remember that it is as important to perform actions as analyze them. In this sense, Facebook gives us a hand and provides good reports of results of your ads, where you will be able to know: 

    • Conversions generated (depending on your goal). Do you remember that we talked about Facebook pixels? 
    • Scope: total of users who saw the ad. 
    • Cost per action (it defines a rough figure of how much you should spend to make your ads work better). 
    • Frequency: the number of times that the same ad has been shown to the same user. 
    • CTR: the percentage of users who have clicked on your ad, the higher the better. 

    The next step is to activate your first ad campaign. If you have any questions, feel free to ask ;) 

Maria Solavera

Hi, I'm Maria Solavera, freelance specialized in communication and digital marketing. My mission is to help entrepreneurs, companies, consultants and agencies to develop communication and marketing strategies, get more quality clients in base, meet objectives and build a good brand history through online and offline communication.

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