What is a trending topic?

  • Twitter is one of the social networks that is still on the cutting edge. Some time ago, it made popular the term trending topic. Do you know what is it? Let´s start.

  • What is a trending topic?

  • Trending topic is a term coined by Twitter to refer to the most used keywords on the social network during a given period of time. It is a concept related to fashion trends and topics, what everyone is talking about at any given time. 

    Trending topics are accompanied by hashtags that allow to easily find all the tweets and conversations by users around that topic. 

    In this way, checking on Twitter what are the trending topics of the moment, you can easily know about the latest topics and which are generating a real interest among the majority of Twitter users.
  • How to identify trending topics?

  • Twitter has an algorithm that allows you to identify the trending topics from a number of variables. To identify a trending topic, things like the number of users that are using that keyword in their tweets, the increase of users who are using it recently, or retweets received by this keyword in particular are taken into account.

    So that Twitter can identify the trending topics is essential to mark them with a hashtag or pad (#) just before the keyword. 

Laia Ordoñez

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