Top ideas for Christmas greetings 2019(1)

  • No more boring Christmas greetings! You know you must do your best to really hit in 2020. Get inspired by this top Christmas greetings in 2019.

  • It is very, very angry to send an email with our best wishes and it looks like a plain template or impact. Especially when we receive some from other eCommerce that are really good and have an obvious strategic function. So this does not happen to you next Christmas, we are going to share some of the best ideas for Christmas greetings we have found this year. It is never too early to hurry up and get ready with the most creative email marketing. 
  • Are Christmas greetings really useful?

  • Yes, they have a function and some interesting advantages. Before explaining what they are briefly, we have to make a recommendation: do not do anything you are not convinced about

    If you think that Christmas greetings for eCommerce do not have practical utility, just do not send them because it is what it is supposed to do or because the competition does

    If you want to do well, it will involve some resources that you could use in something that you are most convinced of. And, if you are not going to make use of them, the result is going to be little acceptable, which not only will not contribute but can also project a bad image

    Let´s see the advantages:
      • Christmas is an ideal time to approach the user by means of corporate content that generates branding without referring to direct sales. 
      • Thanks to a simple email, we make sure we are in the Top of Mind of the customer when they are evaluating the purchase (which will happen in the short term). 
      • Strengthen the link with the company in the same way as the Christmas cards we send to our loved ones, and also humanizes and makes the relationship organic
  • Examples of top Christmas greetings for business

  • Let's see these inspiring examples of Christmas greetings, highlighting why we like them so much and what makes them special. 
  • #1- DueHome

  • In this first example, copywriting comes first A simple design has been chosen that does not divert attention from the message.

    Under the corporate identity and the links to the different DueHome categories, we find a great holiday-looking image of which we would highlight the fact of including the brand with a handwriting aspect, similar to the signature that any of us would use on a card

    Headline, subtitle, and text justified to the center in short paragraphs that ensure readability. 
  • WHY WE LIKE?: The text focuses on thanking its customers for the trust put in the brand throughout the year, makes them share in their success and, in a subtle way, conveys an idea of growth.  The second objective is to leave news for next year hanging, it is almost a teaser: what or who will be Due Baby? When will it arrive?
  • #2 – Mr Wonderful

  • If someone has made good vibes a competitive differential advantage has been Mr. Wonderful. Somehow this generates an expectation in the client, who is almost waiting to see what their congratulation proposal is.  

    The truth is that it does not disappoint at all. Their bet is of great coherence, since it uses the same resources that have made them succeed: designs based on pastel tones, a lot of lettering and a close and relaxed tone. And of course, with a link to the Christmas video of the team we are used to. 
  • WHY WE LIKE IT?: In addition to that ability already mentioned to maintain and enhance branding, because it is a much more innovative greeting than it may seem at first glance. 

    We see a very smart use of images in this email. It may seem that they have embedded a video, but in reality it is a simple GIF linked to YouTube including a simulated video player prompting the click. Not everything is video marketing: to make the campaign more transmedia they have also prepared a Spotify list  with Christmas music ... very well thought
  • #3- Patagonia

  • With Patagonia we return to the sobriety that we highlighted at the beginning with DueHome's Christmas greeting. In fact, the design structure is very similar

    They have played very well with typography, which is very readable combined with that of the headline, which is more similar to that of its own logo but somewhat more complex (although it can also be read without problem). 

    Being one of the most prominent attributes of their products, they intelligently use the term "warm" to warmly express their best wishes for the coming year. The rest of the content seeks to reinforce other key concepts for the brand, such as activism and proximity ("from our family to yours"). 
  • WHY WE LIKE IT?: Well, in addition to that sobriety and apparent simplicity, the use they have made of images is also very remarkable

    The hero image over the text looks like the classic Christmas scene of a birth with its corresponding shooting star. You have to take a second look to see the bicycles and the characters around the fire dressed in outdoor clothing. 
  • #4- Jackie Rueda

  • From minimalism to the opposite extreme, at least in the amount of content. The photographer Jackie Rueda expands well on the text and, logically, in the photos she has included in her Christmas email

    It starts with good wishes expressed with a very prominent photograph. So much so that it even incorporates the headline in it. Under this photo, we see a close and personal message signed by Jackie Rueda herself. 

    Then, as we scroll, 3 points appear announcing news and encouraging participation in various initiatives. Finally, links to her best posts of the year. 
  • WHY WE LIKE?: Mainly because it is able to include (without overwhelming) a large amount of information (and several links) adding extra content to a message that could be very basic but without making it difficult. 
  • #5 – Two Thirds

  • Let´s conclude with another of our favorite brands. We talk about Two Thirds, which takes up the path of minimalism in communication with very little text and an image that says more than it seems. 

    This brand has, as its main pillar, the respect for environment, especially the seas; Their products are respectful and they like to say they make them so that the world has a better future. 
  • WHY WE LIKE IT?: The best thing about this Christmas greeting is that it serves to bring the company closer to people, put face and eyes on those who are in charge. 

    The staging, although simple, is very effective because it takes workers out of the office and shows them to us in an outdoor environment, something that connects with the brand's eco-friendly values. 
  • What Christmas greeting ideas do you prefer? Do you bet on long, minimal, close content, casual winks, photographs and multimedia resources? Tell us what your ideal greeting would be like!

  • Images | Unsplash and brands above mentioned.

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