Top 5 Billing Programs for Freelancers and SMEs

  • With these top 5 billing programs for freelancers and SMEs, managing your business will be simpler.

  • Let's face it, for a vast number of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business managers, billing tends to be a headache. It is also true that, to a large extent, part of this management is often delegated to a consultancy, but that implies two things: additional cost and a lack of control.
    If you are looking for a billing tool for freelancers and SMEs that you can integrate with your eCommerce, keep reading: here are 5 alternatives that might interest you.
  • Top 5 Billing Programs for Freelancers and SMEs

  • In this shortlist, you will find 5 very different billing software options, each with its own depth and features. The idea is that you find the option that best fits your business model and your needs.
  • #1 – Stockagile

  • Let´s start with one of those billing programs for companies that is more than just a billing program.
    Actually, it is a very complete ERP (enterprise resource planning system) geared towards Retail sales. Its name gives you a hint that it is strong in product and stock management, but it has many strengths.
    Especially designed for retail sales, it allows to manage all your stores and warehouses in the cloud, carry out billing, restocking, warehouse management, orders, etc., all in a single system.
    It is particularly suitable for retailers who also sell online, being able to synchronize different online sales channels such as marketplaces or your own online store easily and automatically.
    However, if you are a freelancer and your business is not product sales, it may not be the ideal tool to use for billing.
    Stockagile has three pricing plans starting from €32.50 per month in its entry-level version.
  • #2 - Facturadirecta

  • Unlike Stockagile, Facturadirecta is a billing tool for SMEs and freelancers... plain and simple.
    To be fair, although it is a specialized software, it does not just limit itself to automating the issuance of invoices. It encompasses the entire administrative part of the job, so it also supports us in the accounting area and the generation of tax models that are created through Facturadirecta without our intervention.
    It allows connecting different banks to have a global vision, automating processes, and has a good mobile app, to carry the accounts with you at all times.
    Perhaps a disadvantage is that, although it is one of the best billing programs, it focuses exclusively on that area. You may need an additional tool to manage other aspects of your daily work.
    As for the cost, it is undoubtedly one of its most notable points.
    A small business can use Facturadirecta for free, and the rest of the plans remain affordable (for reference, the most expensive costs "only" €40 per month).
  • #3 – Anfix

  • Here we have a direct competitor to Facturadirecta rather than Stockagile, that is, a specific billing tool.
    One of Anfix's best features is how much it simplifies one of the most tedious tasks for any freelancer, and not to mention, for a company's billing manager: expense control. You only need a phone to scan tickets and received invoices.
    Otherwise, you will be covered in all things related to billing and will have a collaborative space to work with your consultant.
    The main drawback, I would say, is the same as the billing program analyzed in the previous point: you will need complementary tools and it is also somewhat more expensive than other options.
    Speaking of prices, let's say that the basic plan starts at €1.66 per month, while the most comprehensive plan goes up to €74.99 per month (you can always save a significant percentage by paying annually).
  • #4 – Quipu

  • With Quipu you will have a billing program that will allow you to issue documents, manage payments, reconcile, digitize documents, automate processes...
    All this with a very good mobile app, which facilitates the daily management of our business wherever we are, clear graphics, and precise information.
    Another point to highlight that we love is the cash flow control module: you can synchronize your income sources in one place and visualize your treasury with real-time data. You can also simulate different scenarios and analyze your business scenario in the short, medium, and long term.
    However, probably its greatest competitive advantage is personalized consultancy service.
    With their Premium service, Quipu allows you to have your own dedicated manager specialized in your professional area.
    In the "standard" plans, we start from a cost of 13 euros for their billing tool for freelancers and scale up to 85 euros per month for the most advanced plan for SMEs that have a higher billing volume.
    If you are considering the Premium Consulting service, you will need to contact Quipu directly to get a personalized plan.
  • #5 - Holded

  • Let´s finish this list with one of the best billing programs for freelancers and SMEs, which you were probably thinking of if you have done a bit of research on the subject: Holded.
    They define themselves as a management software for SMEs and entrepreneurs, which gives you an idea that we are facing a fairly complete platform. Probably the most complete of this analysis, because it includes functionalities of stock control, an ERP, CRM, Human Resources management, TPV integration... and billing, of course.
    This, which is clearly one of its strong points, also becomes a drawback because it makes it not the easiest to integrate and its learning curve becomes a bit tough.
    In addition to the aforementioned, it should be noted that its monthly price is one of the highest among billing or business management programs for freelancers. It starts at €29 although, to be fair, it also offers the most and there is always some offer.
  • Which of these 5 billing programs for freelancers and SMEs do you think is best? Is there another option not on the list that you would like to analyze? Leave your ideas in the comments or on our Social Networks!

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