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  • Hi, today we talk with Àlex, from FitaA.

    FitaA is a Center specialized in Antiaging treatment  in Barcelona. Its methodology is based on professional excellence and specificity of the treatments, which are 100% custom in all areas: physical therapy, antiaging therapy exercise, nutrition and dermatology, among others. Today, Alex tells us something more about this so focused and effective business services. 

    His website is www.fita-a.com
  • Àlex, tell us where fitaA project is born  and why you decided to create a highly specialized Antiaging Center. 

    FitaA was born from a passion and a need, making people find meaning in physical activity, nutrition, and physical therapy.We want to incorporate wellness into our customers lives and keep it as long as possible. 

    Which are, according to you, the keys that make a center like this works?

    Professional and human force is the basis of our Center.Excellent people living their profession, trained and updated in specific areas, which ensure the 100% customized treatment we offer in fitaA. 

    Why is so important to offer a complete service to your customers?

    Thanks to science, now we know that human body responds much more satisfactorily to complete treatment than to any other proposal. We deserve to live our bodies as a full and pleasant experience. 
  • We deserve to live our bodies as a full and pleasant experience.
  • You work in an sector where human factor is very important. How would you define fitaA in three social/human values? 

    Excellence, responsibility and sensitivity. 

    You have succeeded in giving a very modern and fresh vision (corporate website) to a sector that takes little advantage of opportunities offered by the new communication. Do you think that it´s ok to risk to keep growing and getting new customers? .

    It´s essential that you can project your values through your image, beyond the center or its facilities. In our case, we wanted everybody identified us through the corporate website and beyond risk, we think that it´s a unique opportunity for growing and differentiation. 
  • It´s essential you can project your values through your image
  • A specialized blog like yours is a good way to find a place among the competence in the digital field and make you different by the quality of your services and your customers satisfaction. After opening your centre in Barcelona,do you think that it´s important the online presence  to make it grow and reach your target audience? 

    Nowadays customers are fully responsible for their health process, therefore they´re more demanding. This situation moves us to grow, improve every day and spread through more accessible communication channels. 

    What is the added value that Oleoshop has contributed with during the creation of FitaA corporate website?
    The web customization during the creation process has been the most important value. 

    Give us three tips to consider when setting up a business, positioning and getting that works. 

    Effort, commitment and passion for what you do. Surround yourself with great professionals and people who join their forces in the project and believe in what you´re doing. 

    Àlex, thank you very much for sharing this time with us. We wish you much more inspiration and success! 
  • Here you are FitaA in one minute, press PLAY??

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