GLUE: why giving a little more tahn expected (2)

  • We continue to explore how to make your customers happier with a little GLUE. Because giving a little more than expected has an incredible effect.

  • In this previous post we explained in detail what the GLUE strategy for business is. The point is that it is a very interesting topic that we think there is more to talk about, especially real examples developed by other companies.

    Let's see how actions speak louder than words
  • Examples of GLUE in real stores

  • There is nothing that inspires more than success stories, because they provide the vision of actions that work. That is why we have drawn on a few examples of companies that use GLUE and analysed the way they do it.

    We hope they give you some clues that you can apply this little added value to your strategy.
  • #1 – PC Componentes: with a bit of sugar

  • In the firts post we outlined the most common types of strategies and, among them, there was that of adding an additional gift, an extra one.

    Many times that small item, almost without economic value, is what rounds off the experience. PC Componentes knows this very well and has already created a very strong expectation with the reception of the orders, even coining the term: "happiness box" to refer to them.

    What is the catch? What do they use as GLUE? Well, they are just candies... literally. The so-calledv #PcCandy is a distinctive brand name and something that customers themselves often even share on social networks generating engagement. 
  • #2 – Suja Juice encouraging the one who needs it

  • This case is especially cool because it is absolutely proactive. This is a company that sells organic juices online and found a great way to make itself known by surprising and generating a "debt of gratitude" that builds customer loyalty.

    How did they do it? By using active listening in networks. They monitored a series of hashtags of people within their area of influence who were having a bad day (sick, sad, melancholic, stressed...) then contacted them and gave them one of their juices.

    They directly reached 400 people, 400 new potential customers plus those who saw that action in networks. The brand image and the notoriety shot up only giving a little more than expected.

    Something very similar to this, by the way, was also done by Kleenex sending kits for those who had colds.
  • #3 – Looking out for the community as Warby Parker

  • We already said that sometimes the added value is not in delivering something directly to the user, it can be a benefit for the community that is also highly appreciated by the customer.

    Warby Parker online optics does things so well that it is usually a mirror in which we can look at ourselves regularly. In the case of GLUE, what have they done? Basically, with every purchase, they give a pair of glasses to the people who need them most.
  • They have already delivered 7 million pairs to the community, and although COVID is making it difficult, the program continues to focus on the places they can access and on groups such as health workers. Who wouldn't want to support these people?
  • #4 – The personal touch of

  • Okay, we cannot all give away products in this way, but that does not stop us from surprising our customers with very valuable details.

    This is the case of the pet food and articles brand Something very simple but that will obviously take some time on the part of the company's team, is to make handwritten and personalized Christmas cards for a large number of their customers.

    Well, actually they do not just send these cards for Christmas time. Over time they have added other milestones such as birthdays.

    I insist that this involves some extra work, but in the end it is one of those details that are really remembered and make the difference with other competitors who feel closer to the company.
  • These are just some cases, but you can use them to develop your own GLUE marketing strategy. 

    We could have talked about companies like Zappos that take it to the extreme using their customer service as a generator of surprises and special interactions with their customers or others that organize showrooms for their customers or brands like Nikon that give away an online photography course when buying a camera.

    There are thousands of examples worthy of analysing and are within what is called surprise and delight marketing and that has so much to do with the GLUE.
  • What have you come up with? How are you going to give a little more than expected to your customers?

  • Images | Unsplash and Twitter

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