7 tips to carry out a successful email marketing campaign

  • There are many experts and studies showing that email marketing is an essential selling tool. Apart from social networks, Email Marketing is one of the most effective Digital Marketing strategies for achieving gain and convert new users into potential customers. 

    A well-managed email marketing campaign will lead a number of “highly qualified” traffic to our website and, however, it is a tool that, sometimes, we do not properly value when setting our strategy. In many cases because, when it is not applied properly, it can be invasive but, also because measuring its effectiveness can be difficult and we end up just dismissing it. 

    But not measuring the effectiveness of our Email Marketing campaigns is a privilege that we cannnot afford in the competitive Internet market. We can never forget to set goals, take care of communication, and of course, to analyze the results. Measure the effectiveness of the Emailing is the only way to know if this is the right tool. 

    Today we will give you 7 tips to create a successful email marketing campaign. 
  • 1. Set a main goal for the campaign

    What do you want to achieve with the campaign? This is one of the most important points which we need to define before creating the email marketing campaign. You should also be clear about the target audience to which you want to go. 

    2. Plan the campaign

    When you are clear about the purpose and the audience of the campaign, you will have to learn about the contents that may interest your potential customers most and plan all shipments you will do with a calendar or road map where you have to put the shipment dates of the campaign, the type of communication that you will do (message and visual content) and when you will track the campaign to see it results.

    One suggestion: it is always better to use important dates that you know your audience will be more receptive to make the purchase, and therefore, you will have more opportunities to develop your goals in sales. For example: during the holiday season, sales season, father or the mother´s day, etc…
  • Concerning shipment days of the campaign, it is always better not to schedule for Mondays, as it is just after weekend and users have other things to think instead of buying. However, Sunday afternoon or evening it is a good moment to schedule shipping, because many users will be on the couch at home watching TV or surfing the Internet on their mobile device or tablet. 

    3. Segment your potential clients data base correctly

    You have a target audience with different likes and shopping behaviors; There are men or women, and they speak in different languages. The simple fact of segmentation by language can provide a greater number of clicks on the email marketing campaign. 

    You must think as if you were the customer, what you would like to receive and how. For example, another important detail would be addressing to the recipient by its own name; this way you are winning a little more trust or closeness to the user. 

    Another example: If it is a shoes online shop, you will have to segment your database at least by men and women, including photos and offers of men shoes in the segment of shipping to men, and of course, include pictures and shoes for women in the segment of shipping to women. 
  • 4. Optimize the email and avoid spam

    There are a few rules to mark an email as spam. Things to avoid in email subject: capital letters, include keywords such as “promotion” or “offer” or exclamation marks. 

    You must also seek a balance between image and text. 

    5. Try to give something in return and stimulate the call to action

    Raffles are a good way to attract users to our ecommerce without meaning an excessive expense. For example, you can create a raffle of a product from your shop in return to registration or purchase of an article by the user. 

    Another point to take into account is the Call to Action.Try your email include attractive images, is well structured, and above all, a good call to action. It will help mobilize the recipient to click on the link and find out more about your promotion. 

    6. Cary out tests and A/B tests on your deliveries

    When you start, you do not know what will work best to make your email marketing campaigns success. The best thing you can do is trying and measuring the results of campaigns, analyze your target audience behaviour  and segments. You will see how each audience responds differently if you adapt to it. 
    Use the A/B test to test what content works better and optimize the results of your campaigns, but at the end, you will also optimize them of your online shop. 

    7. Be creative

    No one better than you know the boom of promotional emails you receive on a daily basis, especially in important seasons as we have mentioned before. Your challenge is to differentiate yourself from the competition no matter what and get the user decides to open your email and not the one from the competition. How? There is no magic formula for this, but a set of factors that combine good design of the campaign,consistent with the generic communication of your brand,the transmission of professionalism, tone (why not giving a touch of humor),... 

    Do an exercise: during the next few days, look at all the emails you receive and separate that call your attention in a positive way. You will probably find similar points that will help you get inspired to create your own email marketing campaign. 

    Recommended tools for email marketing:

    It allows us to manage profiles, create lists of subscribers, specify scheduled tasks, choose from different templates for newsletters, edit emails in html format, automatic management of deleted subscribers and have statistical control of the impact of the email marketing campaigns. 

    In addition to this, it shows the best time to send our campaigns according to our subscribers´ behaviours, which is very useful to optimize your campaigns. 

    Its free service is up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. You can get your mobile app for Android and iOS as well as integrating the service with different platforms such as Wordpress and, of course, with Oleoshop. 

  • This tool offers a free account which you can start without many limitations. You can upgrade services at a not very expensive price. 

    It also has a simple HTML editor, free templates, subscription forms to integrate online, schedule shipments of campaigns, autoresponders, automatic bounce control, automatic management of unsuscribers, advanced statistics ... And it contains no advertising. 

    Its free service is up to 3,000 subscribers and 15,000 email sa month (with some additional advantage if you follow them on social networks). It also has APIs to integrate the service with different CMS. 

  • It is a professional tool for email marketing campaigns. Its interface is easy to use and allows non-technical users start their campaigns immediately. 

    And of course, it also has many templates for designing emails, a professional editor that supports html code, sent and received emails statistics of, social media tools, contact management and a very good support. 

    Its free service is up to 100 subscribers in trial mode. It also has mobile app for iOS and Android, as well as APIs to integrate the service with CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, etc.). 

Maria Solavera

Hi, I'm Maria Solavera, freelance specialized in communication and digital marketing. My mission is to help entrepreneurs, companies, consultants and agencies to develop communication and marketing strategies, get more quality clients in base, meet objectives and build a good brand history through online and offline communication.

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