5 actions to extend sales

  • January sales are coming to an end... or not? With this 5 actions to extend sales you can make the ´deal´ effect go further Are you in?

  • Come on: Let's extend sales! Yes I do, I know that after Christmas season and January sales your body asks you some rest. But business rules and now comes a low seasonal period that affects almost everyone in greater or lesser extent. 

    So, we are going to give a last push to sales derived from the sales and to finish up an important period.
  • #1 – Make noise

  • When all competitors want to emerge in the same space of time, what happens is that they fight very hard to catch the attention of a user who is over-impacted

    This means that, together, we overwhelm the channels and means of communication. We lose effectiveness, make the user tired and pay more for acquisition

    But when sales finish, comes a kind of calm. All competitors relax; social networks, blogs and newsletters talk about other things; and PPC pressure also drops. 

    Does it mean that Markets stop? Of course not.

    Customers are still there and are in a waiting mode, so our first action to extend sales is more a matter of communication than the own promotions. Whatever you do, give them visibility: you will pay less and you will also stand out during a valley period, breaking the seasonal inertia. 

    To illustrate this, simply a screenshot from Google Trends. Look at what happens in 12 months by comparing the terms"offers" and "sales". It is clear, isn´t it? 
  • #2 – Keep an ace up your sleeve

  • We all know that winter sales "end" on January 31. But we also know that, in ecommerce time, these periods are much more lax, and it is not uncommon to extend them a little longer

    Customers are not unaware of this, so they often like to wait until the end to see if they can hunt a bargain

    This is the moment to start the machinery. Once overcome the urgency and pressure of the last few days trying to play the game to close sales, consider new actions

    Sure, you can always say: "Extended sales until February10" with the same conditions, promotions and discounts...But it is falling a little short strategically. And, in addition, it will not leave you in a very good position after having been using urgency as a commercial argument

    Consider this second promotional period as an encore at a concert and launch an offer with products that were not initially discounted. Things that are cool and not more of the same. 
  • #3 – Extend sales until stock is finished

  • Having stock in seasonal products or seasonal is a headache. Take advantage and give out these second final sales. 

    People get crazy about outlets and clearance sales. So, this is the best time to free up space in warehouses with products that will be out from catalogue soon and that, if you do not sell them, you will end up "eating". The more you minimize the impact on accounts in this sense, all the better. 

    Actions can be a direct reducted price, sure. But you can also play with bundles or packs and a more volume aimed selling, as after all, what you are interested in is to give output to these products. 
  • #4 – Make retargeting shine

  • If you have taken the very correct action to compile cookies during sales, you have in your power a devastating segmentation formula: know exactly what most interested your customers. What about if we now tempt them with some additional advantage? 

    If one week ago your client was looking at a particular article, and, suddenly, it starts to see a promotion when he had already dismissed it, we will be reactivating the interest

    You can always opt for a discount on the price, do not fool yourself, this is what most motivates the user. It is also an option to play with shipping costs. 

    Always think of what is making that conversion did not close at that time, found that brake and destroy it to make it return with guarantees of purchase. 
  • #5 – Using email marketing

  • Since Black Friday, you are creating database in your mailing lists.It is a good time to get back on those customers who have already shown you their trust and try to promote recurrence, which is crucial in e-commerce. 

    Take advantage and reinforce values such as exclusivity and belonging, and thank them for their trust when extending sales exclusively for them. They have already bought before, they know you and have shown their trust, so they will be more likely to do it again

    The options are many, but perhaps the most interesting are exclusive and timely promotions, not the extension of sales with the same conditions exclusively for recent buyers, because this would be incompatible with a general strategy for all audience. 
  • And, what about you, have you planned to extend sales? Will you share your strategy with us? Go ahead, and do it in the comments´section, we are dying to hear about it.

  • Images | Fotolia, Google, Unsplash.

Laia Ordoñez

Laia Ordóñez is a copywriting & eCommerce content marketing expert. She is Content & Marketing Manager at DueHome, a copywriting & content independent advisor, and Oleoshop's blog's editor-in-chief.

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