20 things you have to start with to boost your online shop sales

  • To get your online shop working isn´t enough to launch it and expect that the leads become customers. 

    Here you are some tips to improve the customer´s experience visiting your ecommerce. 

    1. Set up an online chat system in your online shop. You´ve got options like Zopim with a free and very easy to use version.

    2. Create discount code and promote them on social networks. Make sure that the promotion is for a limited time, this way if you generate interest conversion will be more feasible. 

    3.  Offer discounts for all your Facebook fans on their first purchases, it´s a way to build community and enhance the your brand´s engagement.

    4.  Take advantage of the potential of Facebook ads. Segmentation by location, age, gender and preferences is ideal to create campaigns aimed at a particular customer type. 

    5. Share your products on social networks and link your posts directly to the product card. By doing this, you´ll manage to offer a full shopping experience. 

    6. Have you got a physical shop, do your clients know you´ve got an online shop? Take advantage of the number of people who visit your shop every day and let them know they can see all of catalogue online. It´s a shame to waste this opportunity... If you want, build it up with flyers or posters with information about it.

    7.  Create pages on topics that can generate traffic and work the internal titles and content to position them. For example: imagine that I have a furniture shop and one of the brands I work with makes a type of chairs that are designed to relieve backache. In this case, ideally create a specific page for this topic with a title like  “Ergonomic chairs designed to relieve backache” or “The best chairs to relieve backache” Inside the page ideally find an explanation with the benefits of these chairs, what they work for, why it is worth investing in them. Finally, include a list of chairs to buy. 

    8. Don't you have your own blog yet? Start with the Branded content. Create your personal spokesperson, tell stories, it´s a very valuable weapon to build a reputation in the network, improve positioning, and attract traffic to your online shop. Talk about the benefits of your products, updates of the sector, etc... 
  • Create pages about topics that can generate traffic, and work on the titles and internal content to position them on Google
  • 9 Invest in Facebook Ads whenever you publish a new post on your own blog, and get readers. With a budget of less than 50 euros you can get 30,000 potential readers. Make sure you check the input is interesting to your audience, it contains as minimum 300 words or more, and it looks professional. If it doesn´t comply with these factors, the advertising can be counter-productive. 

    10.  Product titles should contain keywords that the user would use to search for it, for example: if I sell a shirt I can´t put only the name or the model of the product: “Palermo” but “Palermo floral print shirt” instead. It´s much more descriptive, and contains interesting key words for positioning.

    11. Are the products descriptions original or copied of the those of the manufacturer? Create original descriptions of your products. Try to create original product descriptions. Talk about the benefits the customers will get with them, the uses they can give to them, the quality of the brand; and give confidence to close the sale in your favour.

    12.. Are the images of your products of quality? This is one of the most important points to generate online sales. The images must be large, quality, taken from many angles, in general and in detail. 

    13.  Try to maintain a fixed and standard size in the product lists, this helps to create a more harmonious and professional catalogue that transmits trust. 

    14.  Add videos to your product cards. There is no more powerful stuff than a good presentation video. If you let users choose between reading or watching a video they´ll choose the second option. 

    15. Do you highlight the benefits of your products in the item card? Your visitors have more information that they can absorb. Make it easy and highlight the key points of the product with easy to read and understand sentences. You´ll catch their attention faster. 
  • On Facebook, with a budget under 50 euros, you can get 30.000 potential segmented readers.
  • 16. Are your online shop shipping prices competitive? Study your competition prices and try to beat them. Offer free shipping when a minimum purchase quantity´s reached, it´s a good way to encourage and increase the average ticket. 

    17. Identify best-selling products of your shop and show them on the home page. This will be a good way for new customers to find them easily and one greater chance of turning them into sales. 

    18. Carry out email marketing  campaigns for your customers, it´s one of the most effective ways to communicate with them and generate traffic to your website. 

    19. Select your VIP clients and carry out specific email campaigns for them, with special promotions. Make them feel special and gain their loyalty easily. 

    20. Create promotion codes discount with due-date and send an email to all your customers. Due-dates help compulsive shopping. 

    Now it´s your turn,... action! 

    See you soon! ;)

Xavier Mingo

Hi, I'm Xavier Mingo, product manager of Oleoshop with 12 years of experience in online projects. I help entrepreneurs, companies, consultants and agencies create online stores and websites, get more customers and sell their services on the internet.

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